Exchange Traded Funds


 ETFs are electronically traded funds that represent underlying securities or commodities or indexes. 

There are thousands of different ETFs available today. They are very popular with big investors. 

Underlying Securities

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ETFs represent the DJIA, S&P500, Gold, Silver, Coffee, Real Estate, Oil, Emerging stock markets (China,  Brazil, India, etc.), Bonds, Currencies - almost anything you can think of. 

ETF Market Size

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In 2018, net flows for U.S. ETFs totaled $295 billion with $197 billion in stock  funds and $99 billion in fixed-income funds.  $1 billion was in commodity, currency and real-estate funds. 

 Total U.S. ETF assets under management closed 2018 at roughly $3.4 trillion 

Day Trading ETFs

Why Trade ETFs?

  • While our ETF strategies work for any type of trading vehicle, we have found very consistent results trading certain kinds of ETFs
  • The ETF Trading System will walk you through a couple of years of trading and what was done. 
  • You can follow the example we use, or use these same techniques on other ETFs or even stocks. There are no limitations to this system.
  • Each ETF has a symbol (just like a stock). You buy and sell them just like stocks. Simple.

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online trading



After the stock market crash of 2008, we discovered an ETF trading system that averaged returns of 7.31% EACH DAY in testing from 11/21/2008 to 3/7/2012

Since that time, the ETF Cash Trading System has produced consistent average daily returns each year

We studied most investment categories, including Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Watching stocks, indexes, ETFs, and options on a minute by minute basis. 

What we discovered, after two years of study, were repeating events that make trading for profits almost automatic, unbelievably simple, very profitable and easy to follow.


  • We spent a long time backtesting the ETF Cash Trading System.

  • We backtested for 3+ years and IT WORKED all the time! 

  • We backtested it in RISING MARKETS and IT WORKED all the time!

  • We backtested it in FALLING MARKETS and IT WORKED all the time!

  • The market's direction, whether up or down, simply didn't matter!


We have discovered an extremely easy-to-follow system that grows profit each and every day by combining the buying and selling of ETFs with the principle of compounding.



The ETF Trading System is the single most amazingly simple trading system that you've ever come across... and it works. Period.

What has Happened Since?


Stage 1 Returned 2.02% Per Day

Stage 2 Returned 3.59% Per Day


Stage 1 Returned 1.49% Per Day

Stage 2 Returned 2.33% Per Day


Stage 1 Returned 1.33% Per Day

Stage 2 Returned 2.68% Per Day


Stage 1 Returned 1.83% Per Day

Stage 2 Returned 3.29% Per Day


Stage 1 Returned 1.73% Per Day

Stage 2 Returned 3.29% Per Day


Stage 1 Returned 1.25% Per Day

Stage 2 Returned 2.36% Per Day


Stage 1 Returned 1.95% Per Day

Stage 2 Returned 3.90% Per Day


 Stage 1 Returned 1.30% Per Day
Stage 2 Returned 2.75% Per Day

It Just Keeps Going...

Our lowest 1.25% daily average return over this period turns  a $10,000 investment Into $197,155 in one year

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Market Direction Up

ETF Day Trading System

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The ETF Trading System was designed to be a simple set of rules that you learn in "3 easy stages"

  • Stage 1: 2 Trades yielded a 3.89% return over those three years. This first stage is very simple to follow and only requires 2 trades per day. This is for those just starting to learn the ETF Trading System.

  • Stage 2: 4 Trades uses the full power of the ETF Trading System and requires just 4 trades per day. This is the part of the ETF Cash Trading System that yielded a 7.31% daily average returen over those three years. It is a little more advanced, but still pretty easy to follow. 

  • Stage 3: Supercharging This stage combines the ETF Trading System with ETF options. This is more advanced and riskier, but simply substitutes a trade in ETF options for a trade in ETF's, very similar to trading an option on a stock instead of the stock itself. This "supercharging" strategy can produce daily double digit returns.

Compounding Effect

  • The ETF Cash Trading System uses compounding to grow your profits fast!
  • In 3 months (60 trading days), a return of 7.31% per day turns $1,000 into $68,931
  • In 6 months (120 trading days), a return of 7.31% per day turns $1,000 into $4,751,420

The reality of trading

  • Human beings aren't perfect. Sometimes we get bored at doing the same thing over and over. 
  • We want to try something new. This will lead to losses. 
  • We read the daily news and think we know what the market was going to do that day. This will lead to losses. 
  • We want to grow our money faster, so we change things a bit. This will lead to losses. 
  • Sometimes we hesitate, sometimes we jump too fast or move too slowly. 
  • Unfortunately, humans need help. That is why we designed a system.

Our philosophy

  • Make Small Gains Each Day
  • Compound The Profits With Our ETF Day Trading System & Strategies
  • Repeat and Repeat and Repeat!

You are in control

 The ETF Trading System gives you strategies and guidelines, but you make the trades. 

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Day Trading Questions

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Do I need to trade every day

No, you can take any day off, a month or a year off. Remember though, your money only grows when you trade, so keep that in mind. You're in and out of the market each day, so take a break whenever you want. At the end of each day, that money is yours, you're out of the market, and you can sleep soundly each and every night. 

What is meant by "average return"

Some days you won't make much. The historical average return we discuss is the daily average (including wins and losses) and during our measurement period was +7.31%. That is per day.

Does this mean that you can be a multi-millionaire in one year

Maybe, but don't count on it. To maximize the ETF Trading System, you have to follow it exactly and do things perfectly each day. Unfortunately, no one can do that. So your "average" daily returns will always be less. 

Even so, remember that if you just average a return of even 1% per day, $10,000 would be worth $108,926 at the end of one year.

Why do I need your trading system? Can't I figure it out myself?

Maybe you can and maybe you can't. Remember, that as you try to figure out our system, you'll be trading and losing money. Or worse, not trading and not making money. We guarantee that you'll lose a lot more than the cost of our system if you try to "guess" how it works.

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Market Down Day

Our Day Trading Approach

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Trade Every Day

For maximum returns trade every day

  • Use the law of averages
  • Don't follow your gut
  • Follow the system

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Follow The System

Read our training material and follow the directions 

  • Do not follow headlines
  • Do not follow "tips"
  • Do not try to modify the system
  • Do not follow "hunches"

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Exit Every Day

 We recommend closing positions at the end of every day   

  • Do not try for better exit points
  • Sleep well every night knowing you are "cashed out"
  • Enjoy your life

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 Invest In yourself and your future!
Buy The ETF Cash Trading System today for the low price of only $299!

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